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Tori no Ichi 2023 and Aizome jacket

Hello. This is Wanariya!

Today here in Asakusa is crowded with Ni no Tori(Second day of the Tori no Ichi).

It is lively with various customers, including customers with rakes and customers who are tipsy.

This year we have until the San no Tori(Third day of the Tori no Ichi), San no Tori is Monday, 28 Nov.

At this time of year, I always think

“Oh, the year is over~, winter has come~.”


“When the cold winter comes, I want a jacket, etc.”

You think so?😁

Wanariya has finally prepared Aizome jackets for you!

How do you like this Aizome jacket?

Please refer to the following link for the detail.

Dark blue Aizome coverall jacket 12.0 oz Unisex | 和なり屋〜Wanariya〜

So Let ’s make Aizome and weaving at Wanariya in Asakusa bustling with Tori no Ichi!

 Wanariya is the entrance to Japanese culture.

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