2. Weaving experience

Weaving experience

There are 4 machines for coasters and 2 machines for mats in Wanariya.

Please just bring yourself to Wanariya.

We have all the tools you use in weaving, so please just bring yourself.

Coasters Course can accommodate up to 4 people and Mat Course can accommodate up to 2 people.

If both courses are conducted at the same time, up to 6 people can participate.
So it`s suitable for large groups.
You can join it even if you wear kimono.

Wanariya`s weaving experience is available from children aged 8 years to old people.

If your children can not reach their pedal, our staff or parents can assist.

Our staff will assist you with your photography so parents can also enjoy their own experience.

We can accept customers from abroad.

Many customers from abroad come to Wanariya.

English available.

No interpreter guide required.

“When weaving, you become calm and comfortable. If you make a mistake in weaving, you can redo. Life cannot return, but weaving can return! This is the real pleasure.”by Wanariya`s staff


¥4,800(including tax)

Two coasters

¥9,100(including tax)

Size :11cm×12cm

Required time:Coaster 60min/ Two coasters 90min

In advance payment
Coaster ¥4,700(including tax)/ Two coasters ¥9,000(including tax)

Interior mat (Center piece)

¥8,980(including tax)

Size :20cm×33~35cm

Required time:80min

In advance payment
¥8,880(including tax)

Lunch mat (Place mat)

¥16,500(including tax)

Size :40cm×33~35cm

Required time:120min

In advance payment
¥16,200(including tax)

※The experience fee includes the thread fee,  take-out bag fee, and consumption tax.

※Reservation required.

※The time required varies from person to person, so it is a guide only.
Also, please note that the size of the weaving product may vary slightly depending on the weaving method of the customer.