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After the rainy season in 2021 and Tokyo Olympic

Hello! This is Wanariya!

The rainy season is finally over.

The Olympics will finally start next week!
Speaking of the Olympics, our livelihood is Aizome!
Do you know what the color of the Olympic emblem is?
It’s Aizome blue!

Aizome blue is also used in the Olympic emblem as a representative color of Japan!

I think there are various opinions about the Olympics, but all the staff at Wanariya wish the success of the Olympics.

One of the best things about this summer is to wear Aizome blue, which is the representative color of Japan, and watch the Olympics at home! !! no doubt! !!

On the other hand, the Aizome products of the Wanariya, which has been squeezed with traditional threads, are very popular these days. It is on sale at the online shop, so please browse it.

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So, Let’s make Aizome dyeing and weaving at Wanariya in Asakusa after the rainy season!!

For free study during summer vacation, memories of summer with friends, family and lovers!!

 Wanariya is the entrance to Japanese culture.

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※Now we hold the experience so that customers do not spend time with each other to prevent the spread of infection Covid-19. Please cooperate for our shop and other customers. Thank you for your understanding.


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