2. Dyeing experience

Shibori (squeeze) experience

The natural indigo (Ai) of Wanariya

Customers can experience the traditional Japanese natural indigo dyeing.
It deodorizes smells and repels insects,and it protects against atopy, allergy and sunburn.

Points of dyeing experience at Wanariya

There are 4 dyeing vats in Wanariya.
So that you do not get dirty, We have aprons, gloves and shoe covers.
Please just bring yourself to Wanariya.
Even if you are wearing a kimono, please come to Wanariya without worry.

Your product can be brought back during that day.

Wanariya`s dyeing experience is available from children aged 4 years to old people.
We recommend that children participate with their parents.
Our staff will assist you with your photography so parents can also enjoy their own experience.

We can accept groups of up to 45 people!
Time required 75 minutes for handkerchief and washcloth dyeing

We can accept customers from abroad.
Many customers from abroad come to Wanariya.
English available.
No interpreter guide required.

About Shibori dyeing

The products in this page are made by squeeze dyeing.
The squeeze dyeing is traditional and the intuitive dyeing technique that has many ways of binding and folding.
The powerful charm of squeeze dyeing is that customers can’t pridict the design until customers open it.

At Wanariya, Shibori experience is the regular menu. We have various items available so please experience it.

“Even if you make the same squeeze design, there will be only one design in all over the world. The most important point is Aizome has never failure and it`s important to enjoy! You`ll do it and understand that point.” by Wanariya`s staff

Handkerchief dyeing

¥2,000(including tax)
Size : 45cm×45cm
Required time : 45min

Japanese towel dyeing

¥2,500(including tax)
Size : 35cm×90cm
Required time : 45min

Two pouches dyeing

¥2,980(including tax)
Size : 17.5cm×25cm
Required time : 45min

Tote bag dyeing

¥3,600(including tax)
Size : 35cm×35cm×10cm
Required time : 45min

Canvas tote bag dyeing

¥4,600(including tax)
Size : 35cm×30cm×10cm
Required time : 60min

Lunch bag dyeing

¥4,900(including tax)
Size : 35cm×20cm×10cm
Required time : 60min

Kids T-shirts dyeing

¥3,700(including tax)
(If the participant is an adult.¥5,300(including tax))
Size : 100~150
Required time : 60min

T-shirts dyeing

¥5,300(including tax)
Size : S、M、L、XL
XXL is ¥5,800(including tax)
Required time : 60min

Stole dyeing

¥6,600(including tax)~
Size:Cotton large 60cm×185cm
Cotton&Hemp 30cm×145cm
GauzeCotton 53cmx160cm
Required time:60min

Long sleeve Tshirt dyeing

¥6,980(including tax)
Required time:60min

Work cap dyeing

¥4,200(including tax)
Required time:60min

Dress shirt dyeing

¥12,000(including tax)
Required time:60min

Sweat dyeing

¥13,000(including tax)
Required time:60min

※The experience fee includes item fee, dyeing fee, take-out bag fee, and consumption tax. You don’t need to prepare items which you want to dye.

※In addition to the design of each item sample photo above, you can design items from many designs. Please make only one work in the world.

※The time required varies from person to person, so it is a guide only.