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About Design class by sewing with thread

・In Wanariya`s design class by sewing with thread, We are holding a workshop to design more traditional shibori patterns which has a long history using sewing threads.

The maximum number of people that can be accepted per day is two, and a female instructor will explain the technique in a form close to one-on-one, so you can participate in the class with no worry.

In the required first class, the instructor will explain how to sew straight lines, tie a knot, French knot, and design.
Therefore, even beginners and experienced customers can join the class with confidence.

After taking the required first class, in the next step class, we will finally design the shibori pattern with thread.

Step2 class is Mokume (wood grain) shibori, Step3 class is Karamatsu (larch) shibori, Step4 class is Awase ori nui (over lapped seam) shibori.

The time required for each course is 3 hours. (You can take a break freely.)
It is possible to learn the technique of thread shibori design with plenty of one-on-one.

After learning the thread shinori technique in the class, please complete the thread shibori pattern at home.

After shibori pattern completion, let`s dye!

At the Wanariya Main workshop, you can dye the finished work yourself. (If you want to apply Aizome dyeing to the finished work, you will need to make a new dyeing reservation. And dyeing fee is included in the class price, so it is free.)
Of course, when dyeing, our dyer will give you one-on-one dyeing guidance.

Also, from October 1, 2021, Completed in one day! It takes 3 hours! With mini beginner training design class by sewing with thread one pouch course start.

This course comes with a mini beginner training.

After practicing straight stitching and ball stopping in mini beginner training, you will enter the actual sewing.

Both beginners and experienced people can enter the production with confidence.

You can choose one of the three shibori designs, Karamatau, wave Mokume, and diagonal Mokume.

After shibori design, let`s dye! Using the Aizome jars of the Wanariya main workshop, you dye it to complete the work.

The time required is 3 hours including the sewing design process and the dyeing process!

Traditional design pouch will be added to your collection on the day! 

We will prepare all the drawstring purses, threads, needles, thimbles, etc. used in this course, so of course you can participate empty-handed.

The activity is suitable in Asakusa explore! It will be a more fulfilling walk in Asakusa.

Please take this opportunity of joining Wanariya`s design class by sewing with thread!!

The point of Wanariya`s design class by sewing with thread

①You can take classes in a form close to one-on-one!

②The course is set according to the growth of the customer, so even beginners can rest assured!

③The price includes the product fee, dyeing fee, and tool fee, so it’s a great value!

④There is a discount on advance payment, so you can join the class at a great price!

⑤All tools like needle, thread, thread trimmer scissors, threader, chaco pen, thimble can be rented for free! You can join it empty-handed!(First class only)!

⑥We will give a very cute indigo dyed thimble for the participant (First class only) !

⑦ With mini beginner training design class by sewing with thread one pouch course takes 3 hours to complete all the processes (squeeze design and dyeing) and complete the work!