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Great value discounts!Advance payment reservation start!

This time, A allows customers to participate in the experience at a very reasonable discount price when they experience it at our shop. We have introduced an advance payment reservation!

We support our most popular Aizome shibori (squeeze) dyeing course and each weaving course, so be sure to check it out! Please make a reservation!

Advantageous features of Great value Advance payment reservation.

☆You can experience it at a discount compared to regular reservations!

☆You can apply for a reservation until the night before your desired reservation date!

☆Since it is advance payment, there is no need to pay locally!

☆You can use various credit cards to get points!

*If you want to experience template/wax dyeing or bring your own item, please make a reservation from the normal reservation.
*Great value Advance payment reservation is only by credit card.
*Please agree to the cancellation policy and privacy policy before you make a reservation by Great value Advance payment reservation.