2. Reservation / inquiry
※Sorry, Reservations are accepted from 1 group of 2 people or more.

    ※To select multiple items, hold down the Ctrl key on a Windows computer or the Command key on a Mac computer while selecting an item to select multiple items.
    For smartphones, these operations are not required and multiple selections are possible.

    ※If children are participating, please let us know their age in the remarks column.

    ※Sorry, Reservations are accepted from 1 group of 2 people or more.

      ・ In principle, we will reply to your inquiries within 3 business days.
      ・ Depending on the content, we may have to wait for an answer or we may not be able to answer.
      ・ Inquiries received on non-business days (year-end and New Year holidays) will be answered on the next business day or later.

      If you would like to make a reservation or make an inquiry by phone, please call from the button below.

      Cause of not receiving the reply email

      *If there is no reply within 3 business day, the following causes are possible.

      E-mail address entry error

      When you enter your email address, please double check that there are no mistakes.
      If you notice an incorrect email address after sending an email, please contact us using the inquiry form.

      Malfunction of junk mail prevention function

      you might have to e-mail from our shop has been mistaken for spam by the junk e-mail prevention function.
      It may be automatically sorted to the junk mail folder or trash box, so please check it once.
      If you are using the email prevention filter, unfilter mail@wanariya.co.jp and
      Please make settings so that you can receive mail@wanariya.co.jp .