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Q. How many people can you handle?

A. Weaving experience can accommodate 4 customers at a time if it is coaster weaving. The Aizome dyeing experience is available for 40 to 50 people if it is shibori dyeing. Even if the number of people exceeds the number of people, we can handle it, so please contact us once.

Q. Can I participate Aizome / weaving experience just bring myself ?

A. Of course! please just bring yourself.
We have all the tools and clothes used for Aizome dyeing and weaving experience.

Q. Can I take the finished work home on the day?

A. Of course! you can take home the Aizome dyeing experience work and the weaving experience work on the day.
We have a free take-out bag.

Q. Can you handle foreigners?

A. We can accept foreigners.
There are always staff in the store who can speak English, so you can experience with confidence.

Q. Can even small children experience it?

Aizome dyeing experience can be experienced from 6 years old, and weaving experience can be experienced from 8 years old.
Parents and children can experience it at the same time.

Please feel free to contact us. 

Q. Can one child experience? Parents are only attendants.

A. Please join the experience as a parent and child.
Basically, all of our customers join it by parents and children.
Our staff will take the photos of the experience.

Q. Is it possible for people with disabilities to participate?

A.Of course it is possible. Many Users of special schools come to our store. Please be assured.

Q. Is it possible for people in wheelchairs to participate?

A.Weaving experience is not possible, but Aizome dyeing experience can also be experienced by people in wheelchairs.
We have a dyeing method exclusively for wheelchair users.

Q. I’m not good at manufacturing, but can I participate?

A. Of course! First of all, there is no failure in Aizome dyeing. Since there is no concept of failure, anyone can make a wonderful work.
Next is weaving, but weaving can be returned. Life cannot be returned, but weaving can be returned if it is wrong, so if you notice a mistake and correct it, the result will be a wonderful work.

Q. Does the one dyed with Aizome fade?

A. Not only Aizome dyeing but also dyeing in general may be colored at first when washing.
Please be assured that we will hand over your item after making sure to stop the color.

Q. Where will the experience be held?

A. Please come to the Wanariya Main Workshop (1st floor of Kurosawa Building, 1-8-10 Senzoku, Taito-ku) for the experience.
We have 2 stores in Asakusa (Main workshop and Rokku branch).

Q. What kind of items are sold at the Wanariya?

A. Aizome dyed products for men and women are mainly sold.
(T-shirts, stoles, Y-shirts, Samue, washcloths, drawstring purses, women’s dresses and cut-sews, etc.)
Credit cards are accepted.

Q. Is there a parking lot?

A.There is a pay parking lot next to our shop. In addition, even if the parking lot next to our shop is full, there are multiple pay parking lots nearby.

Q. Can I pay by credit card?

A. Of course you can. We accept payments with a large kind of credit cards such as VISA, Master, JCB, DC, UFJ, Diners, American Express, UnionPay, etc.