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Wakiaiai friendly atmosphere for Lemon-do

Hello! This is Wanariya!

The cherry blossoms in Asakusa are in full bloom. The Spring is full bloom!

By the way, do you like lemon sour?

There are many shops in Asakusa where you can drink delicious lemon sour.

Lemon sour from canned chu-hi is also delicious.

One of them is Lemon-do.

Lemon-do is a popular canned chu-hi in Japan.

Lemon-do new taste was released on March 28th.

Lemon-do’s commercial is also new!

Why did Wanariya suddenly talk about Lemon-do?

Wanariya is rooting for Lemon-do.

Because we dyed the shirts that everyone in Lemon-do is wearing!

The Lemon-do Shopkeeper Mr.Hiroshi Abe, Thank you for your order!


Good everyone! The Aizome shirts has been nice!

A super dark indigo shirt that has been dyed Aizome dozens of times.

It was quite difficult to dye it, but we are glad that everyone wears it.

Tonight we will drink Lemon-do!!

So Let ’s make Aizome and weaving at Wanariya in Asakusa where Spring is in full swing!

 Wanariya is the entrance to Japanese culture.

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Store manager

※Now we hold the experience so that customers do not spend time with each other to prevent the spread of infection Covid-19. Please cooperate for our shop and other customers. Thank you for your understanding.


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