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School trip students from the provinces visited for the first time in 3 years.

Hello. This is Wanariya!

Asakusa is full of energy even in the rainy season.

The Sanja Festival was successfully held on May 22, and the atmosphere of early summer is in the air of Asakusa.

During the Sanja Matsuri season, many school trip students from the provinces come to Wanariya.

In recent years, it has been cut off for a long time due to the influence of the corona.

However, the smiles of school trip students have returned to this year’s Wanariya.

We think that “Everyone did their best, not losing to Corona, not losing to masks, not losing to social distance. Have a lot of fun in Tokyo, the city of flowers!”.

Everyone smiles like this picture in Wanariya! In the last few years, it has been difficult for everyone to take pictures with many people.

Behind the smiles of these children, there will be many scars that cannot be expressed in words.

After all, the younger generation is important. It’s the generation that will make Japan in the future.

So Let ’s make Aizome and weaving at Wanariya in Asakusa!

 Wanariya is the entrance to Japanese culture.

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