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  3. 2023 Summer

2023 Summer

Hello. This is Wanariya!

It`s realy hot~~~. It’s not summer unless it’s this hot~~~.
It’s hot outside, but Wanariya is cool and comfortable!

In Asakusa, the Sumida River Fireworks Festival will also be held this summer for the first time in four years (July 29).

Asakusa is finally back to normal this year.

Speaking of summer, it’s summer vacation for both children and adults.

Summer vacation is all about activities! !

Free research during summer vacation, summer memories with friends, family, and lovers! !


So Let ’s make Aizome and weaving at Wanariya in Asakusa where full of midsummer.

Wanariya is the entrance to Japanese culture.

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By the way,

Recently, the store manager is addicted to Airbnb accommodation, but I found an inn surrounded by indigo on Airbnb!

As a dyer, I definitely want to go there in the future!

Whole house charter/An inn surrounded by indigo