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Authentic Shibori design class by sewing with thread

Hello! This is Wanariya!

Tori no Ichi is over, and Asakusa is celebrating the end of the year.
Wanariya is a warm and heartwarming space, but the temperature in Asakusa has dropped considerably.

Meanwhile, the popularity of Wanariya`s Shibori design class by sewing with thread is increasing among Japanese and overseas people!!

This customer attends Step2 Mokume shibori class (tenugui).

In Wanariya`s Shibori design class by sewing with thread, You can learn from shibori design to shibori technique one-on-one.

Of course, we support overseas people in English.

Let’s start with the design of Mokume shibori.

We will faithfully reproduce the design according to the customer’s request with a tenugui.

Next let`s sewing

While being watched by the instructor, we will sew the design that you made yourself.

Prickly, Prickly!!

After sewing, let`s squeeze it!

With the support of the instructor, you will squeeze the sewn part tightly and tightly.

It takes 3 hours and is packed with the contents of traditional squeezing techniques.
If it doesn’t finish in time, please take it home and finish it.

When the shibori is completed at home, it’s finally dyed!

At the Wanariya Main workshop, you can dye the finished work yourself. (If you want to apply Aizome dyeing to the finished work, you will need to make a new dyeing reservation. And dyeing fee is included in the class price, so it is free.)
Of course, when dyeing, our dyer will give you one-on-one dyeing guidance.

The traditional squeeze is nice, isn’t it?😄

Of course, we also recommend the standard Aizome course of Wanariya, but we also recommend this.😀

So Let ’s make Aizome and weaving at Wanariya in Asakusa where the end of the year is approaching with the temperature!

 Wanariya is the entrance to Japanese culture.

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Store manager

※Now we hold the experience so that customers do not spend time with each other to prevent the spread of infection Covid-19. Please cooperate for our shop and other customers. Thank you for your understanding.


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